Art Lover

Art Lover is a series of paintings which the artist Vuk Vučković began in 2021. The works are created using acrylic paints on a linen canvas, format 40 x 40 cm. These works are abstract and diverse, and without a clearly recognizable motif. It could be said that the paintings represent the entire development of abstract art, but always with the artist’s personal stamp. Stylistically, these works combine various styles and techniques, such as action expressionism, art informel, street art, pop art, and many other yet undefined styles of contemporary art.
Some works are carefully planned, while others are created spontaneously in a period of mental relaxation and subconscious play, an experiment in the use of colors and painting techniques. The absence of detail and form puts the observer in a position to experience the work with an open mind, and give it meaning according to his/her own sensibilities.
About his creations, Vučković says:
When you let art into your life, it becomes more beautiful, richer, nobler, and there is no more room for boredom. Art has the power to speak to you, to change you, and even to overwhelm you. I believe that many times in your encounter with music, films, books or paintings, you have experienced this inexplicable, almost transcendental feeling of admiration, and perhaps it is closest feeling to falling in love. Therefore, all of us who develop this special relationship with art during our lives, fall into one specific category of people, the art lover.
Each painting from the Art Lover series is created as a separate work of art and can stand on its own. However, Art Lover is designed as a kind of mosaic, without any predetermined form or shape.
Art Lover is a composition of works in which you participate in its creation. You create your own setting by selecting the number and order of works. You can always add to your collection and change the order, according to your current affinities.





Make your own composition. Choose the order and number of works – be creative.

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