Vuk Vučković

Art Lexicon: Tadija Janičić

This week we travelled to Novi Sad, to the studio of Tadija Janičić.

This artist, although predominantly a painter, is also an equally interesting and authentic sculptor. Belgraders had the opportunity to see his exhibition “Easy Pieces” in the gallery “Prototype” last year, and recently he exhibited his work in London.


tadija, profil

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Art Lexicon: Marko Gavrilović

Marko Gavrilovic graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and is a painter and sculptor. His works could be seen in May at his solo exhibition Contemporary City, which was held in the gallery Jugoexport, in Belgrade.

For Wolf art, Marko talks about his artistic work, travels and thoughts on the development of contemporary art.


marko - profil (5)

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