Vuk Vučković

Art Lexicon: Mića Stajčić

In our interview today, we would like to introduce to you the sculptor, Milorad Mića  Stajičić. Humorously and cheekily, he makes fun of our culture and modern lifestyle, not allowing them to remain ignored, which is why Mića is often the subject of sharp criticism and even censorship.
After graduating from the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Mića enrolled at the Faculty of Fine Arts and studied sculpture under Professor Mrđan Bajić. Nevertheless, in addition to actively engaging in art, he didn’t neglect IT and he successfully runs his own company in Belgrade. In 2017, with Ksenija Marinković, he opened the X Vitamin Gallery at the Students Square, a new space where contemporary artists from our country can exhibit their work.

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You want to export artwork from Serbia? Here is how to do it!

In order to make easier the process of permanent export of artwork, for all of you who bought art work in Serbia, here is a short text with all the necessary instructions for carrying out this task. The procedure is really simple and does not take too much time or money.

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Art Lexicon: Predrag Popara

My interviewee today is Predrag Popara, an artist from Trebinje who currently resides between Belgrade and Bucharest. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and continued his studies in Berlin and Vienna. His work has been exhibited in almost all European art centres, and in 2013 he co-founded the art association “Funnel”, whose seat is in Bucharest.

Predrag is in the rare position of being both an artist and a gallery owner and in the following text, you can read his answers to issues related to contemporary art and culture.



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Art Lexicon: Ivana Aranđelović

Have you experienced pain? Can you visualize it?
As you reflect on this, read our interview with the artist Ivana Anranđelović, who, in her own way, has done this. She also answered many more interesting questions.
Ivana was born in Smederevo, graduated in graphic design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, and has an MA in drawing from the same academy. Currently she is doing a history of art MA in Istanbul.

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Art Lexicon: Milica Prelić

Today we are talking with the artist Milica Prelić. In addition to the exceptional visual impression of her works, her choice of materials is extremely interesting.

Man’s existence and love are universal themes that unite her works, regardless of the cycle they belong to, and you can learn more about her work and views on the art world in the following interview.


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Art Lexicon: Marija Zdravkovic

For Wolf Art this week, we talked to Belgrade artist, Marija Zdravković.  In January, she had a solo exhibition at the Cultural Centre in Novi Sad.

In the interview below, learn more about Marija’s paintings, her views on developments in the art world, as well as her encounter with performance art.


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Art Lexicon: Mihael Milunović

Mihael completed his Bachelor and Master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and then went on to do his postgraduate studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Paris.

Although we have today chosen mainly his paintings, his artistic works include sculptures, photographs, installations and video works.

His works are found in numerous international collections, including the following: The Ludwig Museum, Vienna, the Solo collection, Madrid, the SIEMENS collection, Vienna, the Esterhazy collection, Eisenstadt, the Azark collection, Marrakech, the Museum of Industry and Fine Arts, Saint Etienne.


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Art Lexicon: Marko Tubić

Our New Year interview is with Mark Tubić, a multi award-winning painter from Zrenjanin who lives and works in Belgrade. According to him, he doesn’t create works in a series – they are created in the moment, without previous sketches.  They are in a small format, although in the photographs they seem bigger.

After his studies at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Marko enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and is currently completing his PhD art project under the supervision of Prof. Dr.  Milivoje  Miško Pavlović.

For more information about Marko’s work, visit his site:


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Art Lexicon: Petar Mirković


At the moment in the New Moment Gallery in Belgrade there is an exhibition of drawings by the artist Petar Mirković. And it is no wonder that this exhibition has aroused so much interest among the media and fans of art when you take into consideration the fact that it has been almost seven years since Petar exhibited his work in Belgrade. Even more exciting is the answer to the question “Where has he exhibited?”  Well, in all of the world’s great art centres, from Vienna to Paris to Rome to London, as well as cities such as New York, Shanghai and Miami, to name but a few.




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Art Lexicon: Dejan Živković

We would like to introduce the artist Dejan Živković from Novi Sad, who describes himself as being a self-taught person. After studying design, he tried to find a way to express himself in painting. His latest series of works “Impressions from the Vibrant Jaws of the Shrew” was exhibited in Cultural Centre “Grad” in Belgrade in May, as well as in Novi Sad and Pančevo.

In the text below Dejan tell us the story of his artistic development and creativity.


Dejan Živković

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