You want to export artwork from Serbia? Here is how to do it!

In order to make easier the process of permanent export of artwork, for all of you who bought art work in Serbia, here is a short text with all the necessary instructions for carrying out this task. The procedure is really simple and does not take too much time or money.


So far, I have only exported paintings, but the procedure is the same for all other works of art, which were created in the past 50 years.

The first step is to visit the Republic Institute for the Protection of Monuments, located in Belgrade, on Radosav Grujić Street 11. The institute is open every working day from 9 am to 2 pm and no previous appointment is required.

Bring the artwork that you want to export, as well as your ID. You’ll be asked to complete the export request and to provide the passport number and details of the person in charged for transport (that can be you, your relative, friend…)

Then you will receive two payment slips. The amount of the first is 780 dinars (about 7 euros), it is a state tax, while the other is 1,100 dinars (about 10 euros – but if you are transporting more then three artworks amount will be higher), it is on behalf of the Institute.

The time required to obtain a permit is one day. You can take a permit the next day, when you make a payment.

Also, bring in a color printed photo of the image you are exporting.

When crossing the border, contact the custom officer, they will issue a confirmation that you have exported the work.


IMPORTANT! If you want to bring Wolf Art print across the border, you can provide a Certificate of Authenticity (which is obtained with all prints from the LIMITED edition) as evidence that you do not carry the original artwork. The certificate was signed by author, Vuk Vučković, and contains information about production.

The Institute’s telephone number is 011 2454786

link of their site:

Note: This license is sufficient in the case of non-commercial transport of works of art (For example: you bought a painting in Serbia that you are taking as a gift for a wedding to another country). I’m not sure how much the procedure differs when you carry artwork to sell. For information on this, please refer to the forwarding service.